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Kreating charakters, the best acting institute , established in 2005, is proud to be the leader in grooming actors with it’s highly professional and state of art approach towards training procedures and with a vision of serving the demand of increasingly dynamic entertainment industry.

Are you looking for the top Acting school in Mumbai ? To make your career in bollywood then, you have landed on the right place. Kreatingcharacters is one of top film (Bollywood acting school) School in India. They are located in Mumbai-Andheri, they provides complete package of learn acting from professional trainers. The aim of Acting Classes in Mumbai is to present you the key to victory by giving you incredible acting skills from our best acting trainers. Why you should choose acting schools in Mumbai, Bollywood film industry started in Mumbai so those who want to make their career in bollywood they always dream of coming Mumbai. In Mumbai Andheri is the actor’s hub as mostly all famous studios as well as acting schools as well film making schools are in Andheri. Kreating charakters is one of the leading bollywood acting schools in Mumbai, India apart from acting they also teaches dance. The most important thing is that it is run by three individual professionals and this makes kreating characters different from other acting schools. We can help you to increasing your skills as a performer, as well as find out how the bollywood industry works from the inside, and building big helpful connections with other professionals in the bollywood film industry.

Our guidance deals in inspiring two complementary aspects required to grow an actor. One is introducing the actor to different techniques as well as skills and the second is elevating his/her sensitivity during assorted exercises and processes which increases his/her imagination, creates awareness, makes him/her ingenious and expressively rich.

At our acting institute we have trainers with years of working experience in different modules and courses. Our experienced trainers are actively engaged as actors in entertainment industry. This has helped us in designing an appropriate acting course which would cater to the needs of the entertainment industry today.

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 Bunglow No.
 31,Opp. Society No. 48, 
2nd right after MTNL, 
Mhada Four Bunglows, 
Andheri West, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053,


 +91 22 2634 0006



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